Sujal Plastics Pvt. Ltd offers PET soutions for major food and beverage industry in Nepal. It offers semi-finished product as preforms which can be transformed into bottles and jars through the blowing process as well as complete packaging solutions,i.e. bottle and jars. It also offers caps and handles which can be used as packaging closure.

Marking its presence since 1998, the company has been serving renowned brands such as Aqua Hundred, Bisleri, Kinley, Springley,  Thirst-Pi to name a few. It has been growing in size, paving its way in the plastic industry through innovative design, latest technology, dedicated employees and loyal customers.

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Due to the explosion of the advertising in Nepalese society in early eighties, consumer became very excited about the product’s packaging. Grabbing this opportunity, group established a new printing and packaging unit called Jaya Packaging Pvt. ltd. in 1990. It uses latest Rotogravure printing technology to print on silver foil and plastic packaging for the confectionery unit. It also caters other industrial houses as well.

There has always been improvement in printing and packaging industries due to the crave for fashionable packaging. This unit has also equipped it self to adopt those new fashions and provided products with highest standard. 



Group’s confectionery division used to out-source all the plastics film and plastic sheets to India and other domestic suppliers. For the prompt and quality supply of this kind of material, Jaya Polythene Pvt. ltd was established in 1992. It has its latest technologies from Taiwan and it uses high quality raw materials from Thailand and Malaysia. It is independently working not only to supply sister concerns but also for other industrial houses.